Simplify how you manage your technology and get more time to do what you love.


When your network is operating efficiently, your company is able to focus on what it does best.
BUT, when your network is not operating efficiently....when computer systems fail, run slowly, or stop completely, what does it cost? When everyone in the office is staring at the same inoperable screen, what does it cost in time? Momentum? Production? Multiply that by each person in the office.


High-touch, Cost-Conscious IT Services and Solutions

While technology, systems, and processes drive our business, Iron Gate Technology’s (IGT) heart is our team and how we support our customers. The Help Desk and support staff will assist you through IT challenges in a timely, reassuring and respectful manner.

IT Services

IGT is heavily invested in the tools and resources required to provide reliable & complete network design, management & support.

• Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance
• Virtualization
• Cloud Services
• Hosting / Data Center
• Email / VoIP


IGT engineers design, implements & supports solid data protection solutions. Our proactive approach helps to significantly reduces risk exposure.

• Backup / Archival / Recovery
• Network Protection
• Risk Management
• Regulatory Compliance


IGT provides the knowledge & experience required to deliver clean, simple, customized, cost-effective results.

• Planning for Growth or Consolidation
• Cost Budgeting
• Business Reporting
• Migrations / Upgrades
• One-off Projects

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